Having Meredith as an IBCLC in our community has been a blessing. Her depth of knowledge when it comes to the family unit and breastfeeding is refreshing. She makes my patients and families feel encouraged and comfortable no matter what the issue. She know how to recognize and refer for tethered oral tissues (tongue and lip ties) which many professionals often miss. I wish Meredith would have been an IBCLC when I was having my babies.
— Dr. Ann Bynum-Holly Tree Pediatric Dentistry
For Baby E and me, breastfeeding got off to a nightmarish start. Despite having taken classes and feeling confident in my role, still I struggled daily to get through his feeding times without melting into tears. It didn’t take long for me to resort to pumping 8-10 times a day, bottle-feeding him so I could keep my sanity.

I took E to doctors and midwives, explained and re-explained our difficulties to professional breastfeeding counselors, read numerous articles, and ran in circles until I was ready to give up on the supposed “blessedness” of breastfeeding for good. After having endured nine weeks, I finally called La Leche League. Hearing my description of the pain, the lady soon exclaimed, “You need to see Meredith Wentzel! She’ll help you solve this.” I’d heard that line about several other “help routes” in the past and was not very hopeful. Giving Meredith a call, however, I felt immediately encouraged. Finally, someone didn’t blame me for doing it wrong! She listened compassionately and soon came to my house for an observation.

Meredith conducted a thorough examination, afterwards diagnosing E with a lip and tongue tie. (This had been missed by everyone with whom we’d consulted because it didn’t “look like” the normal tongue tie. No one even checked the lip!) After his tongue and lip tie procedure, E was able to start nursing immediately. Two weeks later, he was nursing at nearly every feeding – pain- free for both of us! Now, almost two months later, my husband and I are still praising God for His grace in sending Meredith our way. Breastfeeding is no longer an excruciating nightmare, but the time of blessing and bonding it was meant to be.
— S.
I can’t sing Meredith’s praises enough. She assisted me far beyond our initial appointment with my breastfeeding concerns and issues. She has offered me support, her knowledge and encouragement time and time again. Her knowledge, compassion, and comforting demeanor allow for an instant rapport and a high level of trust while in her presence and under her guidance. I don’t think I would’ve made it over many of the speed bumps I’ve encountered postpartum and with breastfeeding if it weren’t for Meredith.
— Elizabeth
As a Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in pediatric feeding therapy, I come into contact with many Lactation Consultants. Meredith, by far provides the most comprehensive lactation care I have encountered. She possesses critical skills needed to provide this specialty care for mothers and babies. Meredith is empathetic, analytical, and meticulous. She is highly capable of understanding your breastfeeding history and goals to identify barriers to success. Not only is she able to identify the issues negatively impacting breastfeeding, but is able to create a plan for your journey to successful breastfeeding. It is a pleasure to work with Meredith on shared patients and refer to her, as I know they are receiving the best quality of care.
— Autumn Henning, CCC-SLP-Advanced Institute for Development & Learning
When the hospital lactation consultant told me my baby daughter “doesn’t have the skills to breastfeed” and that there was no solution to her painfully chewing on me until she cried out of frustration, I was heartbroken. Breastfeeding was something I had really wanted for myself and my daughter. Without Meredith, it might not have. She quickly helped assess the problem and line us up with the information, tools, and resources we needed to solve it. There was a solution, after all. She worked with us to create a plan that would lead us to being able to breastfeed. She was attentive, professional, thorough, and sensitive. Meredith’s calm encouragement was exactly what I needed to keep moving forward. With her help my daughter, who is now 5 months old, is able to exclusively and comfortably breastfeed. My happy nursing relationship with my daughter has totally changed my experience of motherhood. I feel confident, empowered, and connected. I am grateful that Meredith was able to help us in the right way at the right time. I would highly recommend her to any mother who has even the slightest question or hesitation about breastfeeding.
— Ashley
This girl really knows her stuff; her insight has been so helpful for me even on my third baby, with experience as a doula! There’s no one in Greenville who understands tongue ties and their effect on nursing & feeding better!
— Christina
Meredith is such an amazing asset to our local community and to the field of lactation and holistic health in general.She is truly committed to helping mothers and babies have a successful and enjoyable breastfeeding relationship. The scope of practice she is able to offer is genuinely unique, as she is able to help mothers address the root cause of any challenges they may be experiencing and work through them holistically to achieve their goals.
— Christieanne
Meredith is the best! She is a fountain of knowledge and passionate about helping moms and babies. She provided us with pre and post-op frenotomy care and support. We couldn’t have done it without her. She continues to help me troubleshoot breastfeeding issues. Cannot thank her enough!
— Lynne
Meredith was crucial to getting my daughter breastfeeding successfully. We were told by several pediatricians, hospital lactation consultants and lactation consultants in another local office that nothing was wrong. After a rough start and several weeks of struggling we were referred to Meredith. When we first met with Meredith we were at the bottom of our downward spiral; I was exclusively pumping and my daughter would only take a bottle. With Meredith’s guidance and support we started our journey back to the breast and I can’t thank her enough. We finally got the help we needed and we’re successful in establishing a healthy breastfeeding relationship when my daughter was four months old. Two lip and tongue tie revisions, a nipple shield, a special needs feeder and many stressful and tearful weeks later we finally had the relationship that I dreamed of from her birth. My son never experienced any of these issues so it was extra hard to deal with. I trusted my gut that something wasn’t right and never gave up reaching out to my support network to find someone who could finally help us. I wish every lactation consultant was as good as Meredith!
— Jamie
As a brand new mom I was exhausted and depleted and overall stressed and frustrated about trying to get my son to latch properly and breastfeed. Then I discovered Meredith. First of all, she responded to my texts and emails almost immediately. She had websites and emails and pages of information for me for any questions that I had. She came to my home which I can not say enough about, so I did not have to haul a cranky newborn out in the cold and into the car. She had a scale with her that completely put my mind at ease because my baby gaining weight was the first and only thing on my mind! She is calm and worked with me on the sideline position which could only be accomplished because she was in my home. She was able to tell me what I was doing right and what I needed to improve on to make the experience a little better for me and my son. She has also made herself available by text message for any further questions that I have, a service that I have used 3 months out!. If my husband and I have any more children I will ONLY use her as a lactation consultant. I have recommended her to everyone I know. Do yourself a favor momma, and use Meredith Wentzel!
— Kara